Thursday, May 7, 2020

the Treat Fairy Bio

The hardest part about writing a bio; where do you start. As a modern dog training professional my journey has been full of enrichment, and progressive contined education. Being able to privide the public with Positive Pet Advice.

In the beginning I started out with very strict, and compulsive training techniques. With a little bit of injinuity, and a lot of research I was able to bring a different light to my training practice. When I was introduced to Clicker Training I began to encapsulate everything I studied about Etheology, and BioPsychology.

Knowing a degree for industry practice is not a requirment. I wonder what is valuable in a professional to the consumer. This is when I realized the importance of market research. Through the years I have obtained suplimentary income. As animal training by its self could be a hard industry to crack.

As I developed my Clicker skills I began to unlock a wide variety of skills; That could be applied to many different specialties in the Animal Training field. As I contiuned my practical skills. New oppertunities arise. From Admining Positive Pet Advice Facebook group to Dog Sense, and more.

I contiue to bring my big business mind, and multi level digital marketing experience to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and continue to develop and market organizations, and companies across the USA. As a business and marketing consultant. I strive to provide the best services the industry can handle.

I am a Service Dog trainer by trade with a strong focus on Rehab, and mental stability of my clients. I opperate on medical referral only. As a mentor for both the Animal Behavior College, and CATCH CAnine Trainers Academy. I encourage all my clients to be modern technichians of organized and modern dog training protocols. I offer journal entries, and notes to all participants, and hands on practical skills to match their education into behavior science, and its influence in daily life.