Thursday, August 2, 2018

Deep Pressure Therapy

What is Deep Pressure Touch. An easy feet for a Canine. Come here and lay on my legs. Always watching but enjoying the moment filled with rewards, praise, and confidence.

She was still young and I remember that day. She chattered her teeth when I sat down in a huff. I gave into the request. That's your signal. An alert is easy to teach your Service Dog. You just need the right timing. If you've spent time around me. I'll talk about miles. That's time, sweat, and a few Naproxsen latter. Don't be afraid of some exercise .

In the beginning

Being a professional dog trainer, and living with a Psychological issue. Made me want to train  a Service Dog for my needs.

See I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. A disorder that can really alter ones ability to function on a daily basis. I need an assistant to snap me out of whatever symptom might be flaring at the moment. So, I taught her to chirp.

My canary in a coal mine. Let's put this on cue. Now I'm not about vocal alerts, but a behavior happened one day that shaped it all.

She stepped on my foot. The first thing I do when I come too. Praise my dog. Not only am I reaching for comfort. I'm rewarding the behavior and alert. From there on a connection was born.

Keep in mind she was only 6 months old. I start training from day one. I think about my lifestyle, and agenda out every minute of everyday for two weeks. Then I ask. What is the dog doing at those moments agenda•ed. Then I teach each moment to the dog. From there we travel around, and as the dogs behaviors I like come I reward them. If it's something I don't like. I throw it away.

Having a Service Dog it's always with you. Even in the bathroom. You need to have insync body language and clear vocal signals. Practicing daily. Through every situation. Always progressing. With every correct movement you praise and pet. With every break you treat. Until you have success. But don't stop there. Make it routine. Make it second nature. Then using modern medicine you function as one unit. Giving life, perspective, and respect to your one grounding moment by your Service Dog.

A final farewell

13 years ago you came into my life. You gave me strength, and curbed my every fear. You guided me through life; you are my best friend. You mentored so many young dogs, and started my career. As I type this tears are running down my face. You where a rock solid companion and the beginning. You have seen some go before you. Now it's time for you to cross that rainbow bridge. Run free and fast. Leap high and far. Thank you for  all you have done for me. My first Service Dog I will love you till I die. You have my heart. Good bye my sweet Latte. Bon Voyage mon petit chou.