Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Chicken Chips Review

Chicken Chips Review

This 100% natural chicken treat is filled with crispy, crunchy goodness that your dog will love.

I have received this product in the past and was thoroughly impressed. The new packaging comes complete with a resealable bag. The package is a sturdy, high quality plastic retaining its form and protecting the contents responsibly. It’s finger nipping good, literally. It is safe for human consumption and surpasses other chicken jerky options available on the market. This option is high in protein, grain free, gluten free, made in the United States and only 2 calories. With no preservatives and a year long shelf life this snack is likely to be consumed by the expiration date. You dog's reaction will be so comical you can’t feed just one. Available at some retailers but our primary supplier is Really Good Pet Shop website.

I provided samples to some shelters and client dogs. Each had a unique response all of which implied” give me more”. I would get it myself but I don’t have thumbs. With spinning ,sitting, dancing, leaping and prancing your dog will work hard for this snack.

When I received the sample I was impressed by the packaging. I touch it and my dogs ears perked up and the tails wags,  just like opening string cheese. This is by far a class A treat and deserves a five star award from the Treat Fairy.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Treat Fairy Goes to the Horses

It is with great joy that I get to introduce the launch of the Treat Fairy Equine division.

It has been my greatest passion and an enormous delight of mine to work closely with my equestrian friends. During my crossover in my professional career I was able to apply my nerdy side with my fondness for horses. Through the years I have worked starting horses and problem horses, and found a communication gap. Yearning to know more I took my brain to the bookshelf. A few profound authors come to mind.

It wasn't until working through my clicker skills with my own exrace horse. Did I realize this foundamental skill should be educated. Spliting each behavior. Honoring each owner as a trainer; and teaching them with a magnitude of science, skills, and tricks. Each team has the potential to go far.

This year we are taking the Equine Clicker to the hay stacks, and bringing the art form to its glory within a community. With a classical deep seat, and perfectly timing each reinforcer. We will take you on an educational journey. Filled with hope, communication, bonding, and positive perspectives.