Tuesday, July 18, 2017

REVIEW Citizen Canine by Mary R. Burch, PhD

The Citizen Canine publication is an in-depth training manual for positive based instruction to successfully completing Canine Good Citizen evaluation. A standard set by the American Kennel Club; in 2010 the American Kennel Club published this work written by the director of the Canine Good Citizen program.

Dr Mary Burch also has a Canine Good Citizen blog that implements progressive reinforcement and science based resources to help educate the communities around this solid program.

As you continue through the work each of the 10 skills are highlighted in a chapter each teaching you how to train your dog effectively.

I like this book so much it's required for all my students learning to be responsible dog owners.

Remember educated Canine Good Citizen evaluators will steer you in the direction of reward based training.

With this describing the Responsible Dog Ownership Pledge, and counting as base points for the NEW Trick Dog titles, and sponsoring the Stunt Dog Chapionships. This is a must read, and definitely #treatfairyapproved.