Thursday, December 15, 2016

REVIEW Calm Down!by Beverley Courtney

Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog well that just says it all, and this is just one title in a series by this Author. With a foreign wit, and charm this publication is a solid reader friendly version; of more common technical skill savvy handlers or trainers. I would happily share this book with friends; family; and clients.

When I read through chapter 4; I made a post online saying how impressed I was with this book, but then I received an email from the Author herself asking about my purchase, and how I cared for the book. I told her about my praise, and asked If I could post a review here on my Blog. With, Author permission. I want to share my thoughts about this book with you.

Right off the bat; Disclaimer.

“ … but we’re dealing with live animals (That’s you, and your dog.) … I am unable to guarantee success, as it depends entirely on the person utilising the training programs, strategies, tools, and resources.”

Well there you go folks. Often, times people forget that they to are an animal, and they to speak with their bodies. While we continuously attempt to learn to speak dog, and ultimately train our companions in a way that they learn without fear. It’s important that we too focus on our skills working with our pets. As our timing, and reinforcement can literally bond so well; cues could save life.

Introducing a mat; place; bed; crate cue is one of the easiest ways to set boundaries in the home, work, public, ect. One of my favorites now elevated to platforms; pedestals, and truck beds. Have cue will travel. Much like target training using a specific stand, or go to location can be a great success; but a way cool resource. With this skill unlocked you can begin to teach more advanced heel-work, and body placement posture.

I could honestly go on for a bit about this book; but go read it. You will be glad you did.

~ the Treat Fairy

Friday, December 2, 2016

Dog Biscuit Recipie

Biscuits Recipe

This at home quick tips, training biscuit option. Will allow you to spend less time baking, and more time training.

Now ordinarily the Treat Fairy will reiter•ism often that Training Is In the Kitchen. In this case. We don't all like to spend all day in the kitchen.

We want to encourage you to go out, explore, experience, and let us know what achievements you unlocked in your Pawsome Lifestyle together.

1 ½  cups hot water
2 Bouillon Cubes (chicken or beef)
⅔ cup margarine
1 cup milk
2 eggs beaten
6 cups whole wheat flour

Place bouillon in water and microwave for one (1) minute
Place soften butter in a large bowl
Pour hot water over margarine and stir
Stir in milk
Add eggs
Add flour one (1) cup at a time mixing well after each addition and enough flour to make a stiff dough. Knead until smooth.
Roll to ½ thickness and cut out with a cookie cutter or just make squares with a pizza cutter.
Place on a nonstick or greased cookie sheet. Bake at 325 degrees for 50 minutes or until hard.
Makes approximately 60 small biscuits.

Guest Authored by Christine Broadhurst. Empowered by the Treat Fairy.