Thursday, May 7, 2020

the Treat Fairy Bio

The hardest part about writing a bio; where do you start. As a modern dog training professional my journey has been full of enrichment, and progressive contined education. Being able to privide the public with Positive Pet Advice.

In the beginning I started out with very strict, and compulsive training techniques. With a little bit of injinuity, and a lot of research I was able to bring a different light to my training practice. When I was introduced to Clicker Training I began to encapsulate everything I studied about Etheology, and BioPsychology.

Knowing a degree for industry practice is not a requirment. I wonder what is valuable in a professional to the consumer. This is when I realized the importance of market research. Through the years I have obtained suplimentary income. As animal training by its self could be a hard industry to crack.

As I developed my Clicker skills I began to unlock a wide variety of skills; That could be applied to many different specialties in the Animal Training field. As I contiuned my practical skills. New oppertunities arise. From Admining Positive Pet Advice Facebook group to Dog Sense, and more.

I contiue to bring my big business mind, and multi level digital marketing experience to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and continue to develop and market organizations, and companies across the USA. As a business and marketing consultant. I strive to provide the best services the industry can handle.

I am a Service Dog trainer by trade with a strong focus on Rehab, and mental stability of my clients. I opperate on medical referral only. As a mentor for both the Animal Behavior College, and CATCH CAnine Trainers Academy. I encourage all my clients to be modern technichians of organized and modern dog training protocols. I offer journal entries, and notes to all participants, and hands on practical skills to match their education into behavior science, and its influence in daily life.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Deep Pressure Therapy

What is Deep Pressure Touch. An easy feet for a Canine. Come here and lay on my legs. Always watching but enjoying the moment filled with rewards, praise, and confidence.

She was still young and I remember that day. She chattered her teeth when I sat down in a huff. I gave into the request. That's your signal. An alert is easy to teach your Service Dog. You just need the right timing. If you've spent time around me. I'll talk about miles. That's time, sweat, and a few Naproxsen latter. Don't be afraid of some exercise .

In the beginning

Being a professional dog trainer, and living with a Psychological issue. Made me want to train  a Service Dog for my needs.

See I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. A disorder that can really alter ones ability to function on a daily basis. I need an assistant to snap me out of whatever symptom might be flaring at the moment. So, I taught her to chirp.

My canary in a coal mine. Let's put this on cue. Now I'm not about vocal alerts, but a behavior happened one day that shaped it all.

She stepped on my foot. The first thing I do when I come too. Praise my dog. Not only am I reaching for comfort. I'm rewarding the behavior and alert. From there on a connection was born.

Keep in mind she was only 6 months old. I start training from day one. I think about my lifestyle, and agenda out every minute of everyday for two weeks. Then I ask. What is the dog doing at those moments agenda•ed. Then I teach each moment to the dog. From there we travel around, and as the dogs behaviors I like come I reward them. If it's something I don't like. I throw it away.

Having a Service Dog it's always with you. Even in the bathroom. You need to have insync body language and clear vocal signals. Practicing daily. Through every situation. Always progressing. With every correct movement you praise and pet. With every break you treat. Until you have success. But don't stop there. Make it routine. Make it second nature. Then using modern medicine you function as one unit. Giving life, perspective, and respect to your one grounding moment by your Service Dog.

A final farewell

13 years ago you came into my life. You gave me strength, and curbed my every fear. You guided me through life; you are my best friend. You mentored so many young dogs, and started my career. As I type this tears are running down my face. You where a rock solid companion and the beginning. You have seen some go before you. Now it's time for you to cross that rainbow bridge. Run free and fast. Leap high and far. Thank you for  all you have done for me. My first Service Dog I will love you till I die. You have my heart. Good bye my sweet Latte. Bon Voyage mon petit chou.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Chicken Chips Review

Chicken Chips Review

This 100% natural chicken treat is filled with crispy, crunchy goodness that your dog will love.

I have received this product in the past and was thoroughly impressed. The new packaging comes complete with a resealable bag. The package is a sturdy, high quality plastic retaining its form and protecting the contents responsibly. It’s finger nipping good, literally. It is safe for human consumption and surpasses other chicken jerky options available on the market. This option is high in protein, grain free, gluten free, made in the United States and only 2 calories. With no preservatives and a year long shelf life this snack is likely to be consumed by the expiration date. You dog's reaction will be so comical you can’t feed just one. Available at some retailers but our primary supplier is Really Good Pet Shop website.

I provided samples to some shelters and client dogs. Each had a unique response all of which implied” give me more”. I would get it myself but I don’t have thumbs. With spinning ,sitting, dancing, leaping and prancing your dog will work hard for this snack.

When I received the sample I was impressed by the packaging. I touch it and my dogs ears perked up and the tails wags,  just like opening string cheese. This is by far a class A treat and deserves a five star award from the Treat Fairy.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Treat Fairy Goes to the Horses

It is with great joy that I get to introduce the launch of the Treat Fairy Equine division.

It has been my greatest passion and an enormous delight of mine to work closely with my equestrian friends. During my crossover in my professional career I was able to apply my nerdy side with my fondness for horses. Through the years I have worked starting horses and problem horses, and found a communication gap. Yearning to know more I took my brain to the bookshelf. A few profound authors come to mind.

It wasn't until working through my clicker skills with my own exrace horse. Did I realize this foundamental skill should be educated. Spliting each behavior. Honoring each owner as a trainer; and teaching them with a magnitude of science, skills, and tricks. Each team has the potential to go far.

This year we are taking the Equine Clicker to the hay stacks, and bringing the art form to its glory within a community. With a classical deep seat, and perfectly timing each reinforcer. We will take you on an educational journey. Filled with hope, communication, bonding, and positive perspectives.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

REVIEW Citizen Canine by Mary R. Burch, PhD

The Citizen Canine publication is an in-depth training manual for positive based instruction to successfully completing Canine Good Citizen evaluation. A standard set by the American Kennel Club; in 2010 the American Kennel Club published this work written by the director of the Canine Good Citizen program.

Dr Mary Burch also has a Canine Good Citizen blog that implements progressive reinforcement and science based resources to help educate the communities around this solid program.

As you continue through the work each of the 10 skills are highlighted in a chapter each teaching you how to train your dog effectively.

I like this book so much it's required for all my students learning to be responsible dog owners.

Remember educated Canine Good Citizen evaluators will steer you in the direction of reward based training.

With this describing the Responsible Dog Ownership Pledge, and counting as base points for the NEW Trick Dog titles, and sponsoring the Stunt Dog Chapionships. This is a must read, and definitely #treatfairyapproved.